Historically only nobility and royalty could afford bespoke garments individually made at the lingerie atelier with an incredible degree of craftsmanship and customisation.

We are here to re-vive this tradition, to connect past and future, to promote more sustainable and undeniably beautiful way of consumption using the same time-honoured techniques employed by artisans for centuries - but thanks to modern day technologies and innovations - with the considerably more attainable price points.

Lace Appliqué

Uncompromising signature technique we use is called “lace appliqué”. It is remarkably meticulous and time-consuming. Each element is individually placed and pinned securely before stitching, carefully going around the edge of the delicate and complex motifs.

Double Silk

Another luxurious technique - “double silk” - is particularly rare because the making-cost of such a garment is twice as high compared to any other. The craftsman requires considerably more time to make one item, double the amount of silk and most importantly an exceptional level of artisanship.