Named after the Old English word meaning ‘glorious', Fréolic is a consciously crafted lingerie brand inspired by the flamboyant upper crust of high society, queens, poets and artists as well as exotic art displayed at the sunny villa surrounded by aromatic citrus garden.

How is it made?

Every single garment is made-to-order in our London Atelier. Simply select from our choice of lace, colours, fit and finish, and we will make your dream set ‘materialise’. Alternatively, you can pick already pre-set colour combinations. Each garment is made individually for every client. It takes roughly 4-5 hours to make one bra and 2 hours to make one thong or one suspender belt. Bespoke orders will be ready on average in one week time.


What is our artisanship?

Uncompromising signature technique we use is called “double silk”. It is particularly rare because the making-cost of such a garment is twice as high compared to any other. The craftsman requires considerably more time to make one item, double the amount of silk and most importantly an exceptional level of artisanship. Another luxurious technique - “lace appliqué” - is also remarkably meticulous and time-consuming. Each element is individually placed and pinned securely before stitching, carefully going around the edge of the delicate and complex motifs.


Thank you so much!

The items are beyond my expectations and fit wonderfully!

Farrah Q.

Thank you again for such amazing service!

Everything is absolutely stunning and I couldn't be happier with it, I'm so in love with everything! ❤

Tine A.

It is utterly beautiful.

Thank you so much. I am so wowed, some of the finest lingerie I’ve owned and so generously priced. Your lace is the nicest I’ve seen. Thank you ♥️

Eliza M.

Best set to sleep in

My mum received the set as a gift and she tells me every time it is so stunning and comfortable she can’t stop wearing it. Truly the best ever 💖

Mariya M.

Beautiful Set

Exceptional quality & luxuriousness, while still being very wearable. I purchased the balconette bra & matching brief with lace appliqué. Will be going into my regular rotation and I only wish I could have afforded a full nightwear set to accompany it!

Harley S.

What will I get?

You will receive exquisite hand-made lingerie created according to your chosen specifications. Your design will be crafted individually for you from the finest French Dentelle de Calais - Caudry lace (from the renowned brands like Sophie Hallette and Solstiss) and highest grade of silk. From bra lining to gusset on all knickers, only 100% silk will be touching your skin.


Our Values

Fréolic London is a synonym of incomparable beauty, unwavering excellence, finesse, passion and lingerie-making raised to a form of art. We use the same time-honoured techniques employed by craftsman for hundreds of years. We share a collective pride in that we produce one of the finest quality lingerie in the world. We’re obsessive about extraordinary design and are always striving to innovate and inspire. Fréolic London is a holder of Positive Luxury butterfly award acknowledging its contribution to positive social and environmental impact.