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Enter the code WINTER for 20% off

Our Values

The pursuit of excellence has always been the mission of Fréolic London. Tradition and innovation inspire the company’s uncompromising vision of quality.

Our Atelier

All Fréolic's garments are made in London Atelier to the highest standards of craftsmanship and sartorial excellence by some of the country’s most skilful artisans.  

Our Lace

All Chantilly, Leavers and Guipure lace, which we use in our collections come from the renowned Dentelle de Calais - Caudry region in France - the historical home of one of the most exquisite material in the world.

Our Name

The name of the brand comes from mid 14th century Old English adjective meaning "noble, beautiful and charming".  The word Fréolic was used in the poem Beowulf written by the unknown mediaeval poet to describe the beauty, goodliness and virtue of the queen. 

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